In today’s world, people are now getting a grasp on the reality that our planet is up against a real threat. That threat is “Global Warming” and the only way to reverse it is by going green and eco-living. Living green helps our planet to conserve energy, reduce waste, protect the ecological balance of our planet, conserve resources, and reduce pollution. If it can reverse global catastrophe, just imagine what going green can reverse within our own bodies!

Most people believe that transitioning into a green or organic lifestyle starts with the food they eat. However, we cannot stress enough how equally damaging your beauty and cleaning products are to your overall health. Our skin absorbs chemicals from our environment just as much as when they are consumed. It is equally important to switch over to non-toxic beauty and non-toxic cleaning products, as well as organic foods.

As individuals, we want to live as healthy as we can because it simply feels good and flat out feels right. Most people think go big or go home, but whatever works best for you to get the ball rolling, you can always at least start with implementing small changes. Everything in life starts with one single step. Progress is better than no progress if you are moving towards bettering the health of you and your family.

The best way to start living a green lifestyle is to start educating yourself. Research! Research! Research! Going green doesn’t require spending lots of money on fancy gadgets. An environmentally-responsible home not only saves you money, but saves the earth too.

There are different ways to living a greener life in your household. The following are a couple of ways that you can start doing in your living room. Replacing your bulbs with compact fluorescent light bulbs, you can save up to 66% energy. Opening your blinds during the day to let the sunlight in can save you up to 10% energy. Also, unplugging your TV when it’s not in use can save a good amount of energy as well.

In your kitchen, you can position your refrigerator in a spot where it’s out of direct sunlight to prevent it from working harder to stay cool. Keeping your peeking into your refrigerator at a minimum can save energy as well. So, by deciding on what you want before you go on the hunt for snacks would be your best bet. Using low-energy appliances can save anywhere from 10%-50% energy than standard models. One of the best products to use to clean up, and this can be used for all over your home not only in the kitchen, is by using vinegar to kill bacteria, germs and mold naturally.

When it comes to your bedroom, purchasing wool rather than polyester blankets is more of an eco-friendly material to produce. When purchasing a new mattress make sure it has not been treated with synthetic chemicals and toxic materials. There are a lot of non-toxic mattresses in the market that you can purchase. Using organic sheets will also be a better alternative than the cotton linens that account for 25% of the world’s insecticide use. Growing house plants improves the air quality and would be great to keep in the bedroom since most people spend the most time in their room sleeping.

For a greener bathroom, completely turn off your tap when you finish brushing your teeth, 182 liters of water is lost per year from leaky taps. Open your windows, this will help with mold issues which can prevent you from using harmful chemicals. But remember, vinegar is always the best way to clean anything. Installing a low-flow toilet can help with the problem of other generic toilets that account for 30% of total indoor use. Last but not least, use eco-scents instead of chemicals and fragrances, opt for 100% essential oils (which can be used in an air diffuser) and non-aerosol scents.

Go Green and Gleam with Radiance!

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