By now, you have either considered switching to organic makeup or have taken the plunge to go organic! We’re here to teach you about the truth behind a lot of mainstream cosmetic lines, and why you made the right choice in joining the Go Organik girls!

The beginning of Go Organik Box was started simply out of mother’s love. Paloma Perez, founder of Go Organik Box, wanted to live a more holistic lifestyle when she became pregnant with her son and didn’t want to expose him to dangerous toxic products in her home. From there, she learned more about organic living and slowly adopted it into her whole life and even advocated for going organic. Out of necessity, Paloma realized that these organic makeup products were not that accessible to women and from there; the mission to start Go Organik Box was born.

The truth about the mainstream the makeup industry isn’t pretty. How many products do you use daily? 5, 10, 12? The average American woman uses close to 12 products on her face a day.  But what is in those products? A lot of the chemicals found in today’s most popular brands include:  asbestos, coal tar, lead, carbon black, formaldehyde, etc. These chemicals have been linked to cancer, infertility, birth defects, and can mess with your hormones. The worst part of it is that many of these cosmetic companies aren’t regulated by the FDA and therefore do not need to prove that a product is safe to use prior to going to market. Additionally, they can’t recall a product if it is found to be unsafe for consumers. And that’s only for cosmetics!
We broke out a list for you so you can see just how many toxic chemicals are found in your different products:

  • Foundation: Heavy metals, titanium dioxide
  • Eye shadow: Formaldehyde, mineral oil, titanium dioxide, heavy metals
  • Eye liner: Lead, Carbon Black
  • Blush: Parabens, Talc
  • Mascara: Formaldehyde, Carbon Black
  • Lipstick: Lead

Luckily, there’s an alternative! We carefully curated various brands that provide non-toxic, certified organic, all natural and cruelty free options. Using organic makeup products are better for your skin and overall health. They are nutrient rich which enables them to be used daily without harmful effects. People with sensitive skin or other skin prone conditions can use organic makeup as it is safer. (However it is best to always check for allergies beforehand!) They are safer for the environment and do not harm animals in the process! We are so happy to bring you brands that are not only safe but that work well! Our boxes will be filled with 4-5 full sized products for you to keep, and you can continue to purchase them through our vendors or on our online shop!

We want to thank you for taking the next step to go organic! In the next few weeks you’ll have the opportunity to learn more about the brands we will be featuring in our box. Our goal is to share the latest and greatest on our brands, special promotions, partnerships and more! Stay tuned for more Go Organik blogs coming soon.

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