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Pure, Clean, & Always Organik

Go Organik Box is committed to contributing to the organic movement that is blooming across the world ever so rapidly. We understand the harmful effects that toxic beauty products can have on a woman’s skin & health. We are very excited to be able to provide our subscribers with a monthly box filled with non-toxic, organic & cruelty-free makeup as an alternative to the toxic products on the market. Go Organik Box wants to create an exciting experience for our subscribers as they discover new organic makeup products monthly. The products will be carefully curated to make sure our subscribers fall in love with each and every box. We want each box opening to be a joyous and luxurious experience that will delight your senses & skin.

Thank you so much for choosing Go Organik Box. Although you are beautiful the way you are, we look forward to enhance your beauty organically.

About the Founder

Paloma Perez started her journey to live a more holistic lifestyle when she became pregnant with her son and didn’t want him to be exposed to toxic products in her home. Ever since, she has been learning about the organic industry and toxicity of mainstream products. Throughout the years she has become very passionate about organic living. It has become her lifestyle/ hobby and she loves sharing that knowledge with others.

While on the market for an organic full-sized makeup only subscription box that was reasonably priced but unable to find one, was how Go Organik Box was born. With the support of her husband and son she has been able to bring her vision to life.

“Go Organik Box to me is more than a beauty box, it is a way to bring awareness and help other women become more conscious of the products they are putting on their skin. My mission is to make organic makeup more accessible to women all around the world.”